Frequently Asked Questions

Last Updated: 5/14/2020 3:14 PM
  • Q: I’m a freshman; may I apply for CSF membership?
    A: Not yet. Freshman grades to not count towards CSF membership points. You may apply after your first semester sophomore grades have been posted.

  • Q: I’m a sophomore; may I apply for CSF membership?
    A: Yes, but only once Fall semester grades have been posted. Membership applications are due twice per year.

  • Q: Do I have to re-apply for membership each semester?
    A: Yes. Every time semester grades are posted, students must re-apply.

  • Q: Is CSF membership retroactive?
    A: Yes. You may apply for membership using previous semester grades. Freshman year grades do not count.

  • Q: When are applications due? Where do I turn them in?
    A: Applications are due twice per year to Ms. Ziani in Room W-114 by 3:15pm. Once in August/September and again in January/February. Details will be announced and may be found on this site.

  • Q: What is the time commitment to join CSF?
    A: Only the time it takes to complete the short application. Plus, the time it takes to join a Facebook page to stay current on CSF events, scholarships and awards.

  • Q: I’m applying for several previous semesters. Do I have to complete an application sheet for EACH semester?
    A: Yes. But one comprehensive transcript verifying all your grades is acceptable.

  • Q: What are some acceptable forms of grade verification documentation?
    A: Acceptable documents include: report card photocopies or unofficial transcripts.

  • Q: Who is a Sealbearer / Lifetime Member?
    A: A CSF member for all 5 eligible semesters of high school.

  • Q: What are the advantages of being a Sealbearer / Lifetime Member?
    A: A golden CSF seal will be added to the student’s diploma and special notation of lifetime CSF affiliation added to the official transcript. Also, sealbearer/lifetime members are eligible for possible selection to the lucrative and prestigious Seymour Award.

  • Q: What is the Seymour Award?
    A: A prestigious award for lifetime CSF seniors. 2 seniors are recommended for the application process by the CSF advisor.

  • Q: I missed the informational meeting. Was attendance reQuired in order to apply for CSF? 
    A: No. The informational meetings are not reQuired for membership. Only a completed CSF application submitted by the deadline is necessary.

  • Q: I have more Questions, who is the CSF advisor and how may they be contacted?
    A: Courtney Ziani, room W-114,

  • Q: Where can I find additional information about CSF?
    A: On the official website via the link above.