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H. Seymour Memorial Awards
CSF Seal-bearing Senior Members
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The Charles and Marian H. Seymour Memorial Award was established to honor the founders of the California Scholarship Federation. The first award was $25 was made in 1936. Today, a total of $125,000 is awarded to 50 graduating Sealbearers (5-semester members) every year. The award is regarded as one of the highest scholastic honors given to high school graduates in the state of California.

This is an adviser-nominated award only. No individual students may directly apply for the Seymour Award. A chapter advisor is eligible to nominate two Sealbearers providing the chapter is current in its dues and approved Lists I, II, and III. Seymour nomination packets are sent to advisers in late November and due mid-February. The application includes an application, essay, and letters of recommendation.

Each spring, regional committees choose 50 Seymour Finalists from among the candidates nominated by their chapter advisers. Each of these Finalists will be presented with a $2,000 award at their regional spring conference. After interviews, one from each of the five regions is selected as the Seymour Regional Award Winner. These regional winners will receive an additional award of $3,000. From the Seymour Regional Award Winners, one student will be selected as the California State Seymour and will be awarded an additional $10,000. In sum, the California State Seymour Memorial Award is a $15,000 award. The final selection is made on the basis of character, leadership, and service. Bios of several students who won a Seymour Award in recent years are available on the homepage.

Your CSF adviser will nominate two of Heritage High School's exceptional members for this opportunity only available to CSF Sealbearers.

sealbearer is defined as a high school student who has been a member in good-standing for 5 consecutive semesters.