ASB (Associated Student Body)

ASB is a both a leadership class and an elected group of students who plan and facilitate student activities such as Lunch Time Activities, Pep Rallies, and Dances. ASB Elected Officers attend Mrs. Garcia’s 5th period Student Government class in S112. ASB business meetings are held every Wednesday during the 20 minutes between both lunches. All clubs and sports, and all student activities and expenditures, must be approved by ASB, HHS Administration, and the PUHSD Administration Center. All club applications, event forms, and fundraising paperwork is located in the ASB Accounting Clerk’s office in K125, please see Ms. Araceli Zonda for more information.

ASB Student Leadership

Executive Board

ASB President Arianna Henry
ASB Vice President Jaya Tracy
ASB Secretary

Ann Okafor

ASB Treasurer

Mikayla Jacobs

Sound & Spirit Team Captain

Irene Logan

Outreach Team Captain Johnny De La Rosa
Design Team Captain Luis Toriz
Activities Team Captain Arlenne Yanez

Leadership Teams

Sound & Spirit Team

Irene Logan

Arianna Henry

Jaya Tracy

Lorena Cortez

Sophia Rodriguez

Outreach Team

Johnny De La Rosa

Anika Colburn

Ann Okafor

Madeline Valencia

Christian Cruz

Faith Kasper

Polly Gomez

Jamison De La Cruz

Emilio Rodriguez

Jacob VanRensburg

Makenna Suarez

Cydne Dougherty

Isabella Martin

Design Team

Luis Toriz

Mia Howerton

Emma Barber

Ifeatu Okafor

Aylea Gonzalez

Nick Zdunich

Erica Velasquez

Paola Alonzo

Areanna Beltran

Naomi Andersson

Jamyah Jackson

Kailee Tracy

Activities Team

Arlenne Yanez

Mikayla Jacobs

Kaiden Olmos

Emma Salas

Samara Gallegos

Advisor Team

ASB Director Renee Garcia
Senior Class Advisor Michelle Wieding
Junior Class Advisor Samantha Avne
Sophomore Class Advisor Nicholis Kalantar
Freshman Class Advisor Emma Bennett

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