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                                                                     ¡Bienvenidos a Español!

                                                                                  Welcome to Spanish



!Hola! Me llamo Joleny Murillo. I teach Spanish at Paloma  Valley High School. Allow me to tell you a little about  myself…



I am originally from Costa Rica, a small country with lush nature. I love Nature! I love climbing trees especially if it is a mango tree. 🌳😊

Speaking of things I love, teaching and learning are dear to my heart. My students are very important to me and I will be there for everyone. I believe that when you put your mind and heart to something, anything can be accomplished. It all starts with believing in yourself. With this way of thinking, I have taught in three different countries both English and Spanish in elementary, college, and high school. I have lived in Costa Rica, Spain, and in the United States and as a language learner I speak English, Spanish, and Portuguese. I love learning languages and about different cultures in order to feel connected to the World as a whole. Traveling is one of the ways to learn about other ways of thinking and how others view the World. I love traveling!





I cannot wait to learn about all my students and their ways of viewing their World.  


Hope to see you in my classroom,


Señorita (Miss) Murillo