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Welcome to Heritage High 2021-22 Open House!!!  I have created a video for you, please watch it and feel free to email me with any questions.  

College and Careers:

The best advice I can give for a for successful year is that it is vitally important that you take responsibility for your learning and do your best, try every day, and be willing to ask for help.  

I look forward to working with you this school year!  It's a hard adjustment for everyone being back in school, but we will get through it together!  



I'm Ms. Diana Fowles.  I'm excited to meet everyone!  This is my 12th year teaching at Heritage High, and 15th year teaching Math.  


I graduated with my B.A. in Mathematics in 2007 from CSU San Bernardino and I continued my education with University of Redlands earning my Single Subject Teaching Credential in 2008, and then my Masters from in Education from ACE in 2013. 


SCUBA Diving- I'm an advanced diver with over 100 dives.  Which means I can dive to 120 ft, and explore shipwrecks.  I love puffer fish, and have seen 8 breeds of sharks while diving.  

Traveling- I like to go to the off the beaten trail places like Tonga (to swim with humpback whales), Mongolia (to ride ponies through the steep), or Tanzania (to camp and go on safari). I have been 5 continents, and 46 countries and counting.  I've also made it to 5 of the 7 world wonders.  

Softball- I grew up playing.  I've coached and umpired over the years, but now I just play on some co-ed slow pitch teams.

Fun Facts:

Favorite Animal- Narwhals (yes, they are real)

Favorite Color- Glitter 

Favorite Dive: The Cenotes (underground river/cave system) in Mexico.

I have a dog and a cat, both are shelter rescues that have been with me for years.  Violet is a sweet but doppy part Shar Pei, and a cat Lady is a Calico and the ruler of the house.  


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