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Last Updated: 4/27/2022 10:00 PM

Welcome to the PUHSD Technology Department’s Student Help Section



    1. Try turning the device off and back on
    2. Verify the device is connected to the internet
    3. Make sure the device is fully charged or is plugged into power
    4. Make sure you are logging into all of your apps through Classlink
    5. Reset your passsword (see item No. 5)
    6. Delete saved passwords
    7. Reset your Chrome browser (see item no. 6)
    8. Powerwash your Chromebook (see item no. 7)





  4. Please note that all screenshots do not use actual student or teacher names.


    1. Login to your Infinite Campus Student Portal Using Classlink

    2. Your main login screen will be the “Today” page. This shows your schedule, check-ins currently available and upcoming assignments (see screenshots below).
      ic screen shot today highlighted

    3. Click your available course under CHECK-INS. Note: You can ONLY check in during the time the class period is available. Notice the schedule on the right shows the times for each period.
      IC screenshot check in highlighted

    4. Click “Yes, I’m here” to indicate you’re participating in class. You must do this for each period during the day, regardless of meeting in person or not.
      IC screenshot button highlighted

    5. When you return to the “Today” page you will notice that the “Check-Ins” section has disappeared since your next class is not available to check in to. Once the next time frame becomes available you will be able to check in to your next period.
      ic screenshot


  5. Password Reset Directions

    1. Click the “Apps” button at the bottom of your screen and select “PUHSD Password Reset Tool.” cb reset tool

    2. Your email address this would be your student ID# followed by

    For example:

    set password
    3. Your current password is the password that you use to log into your chromebook. current pw
    4. Your new password must be at least 8 characters long. new pw

    Click on “Reset Password” and you should see a big Thumbs up icon. Turn your Chromebook off and back on.

    (If you get an error message, carefully type in your email, and passwords again until it works.)

    thumbs up







    1. Open Chrome 
    2. Go to the 3 dots in the top right corner 
    3. Click “Help” then “About Google Chrome”


    You will see this screen below and you will need to click Chrome OS version info screenshot


    This will bring you to a screen to update and when it's done it will ask you to restart the Chromebook. If you have questions or concerns feel free to contact Helpdesk at (951) 943-6369 ext. 80250, email or complete the form in the section below, My Issue was Not Resolved.



  11. Please call the Tech Help desk at (951) 943-6369 extension 80250


    submit a help request by filling out this form.