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Hello there!  I am Mrs. Allen and I am currently teaching Trigonometry (Periods 1 - 4) and Algebra 1 (Periods 6 - 7) this year at Heritage High School -- Go Patriots!  I have been teaching mathematics professionally for almost 20 years and loving math for even longer!  My experience lies mainly in teaching Algebra 1 (at the middle school level for 14 years, and at HHS for 4 years) although I've been able to dabble a bit in Algebra 2 and Trigonometry.  I am passionate about teaching students and really aim to have my class be a warm, safe, and engaging place to learn about mathematics from and with each other.  

Personally I am married to a terrific man with two great kids, Joey and Violet, and a cat, Sunny.  My favorite things to do outside of work are spending time with my family playing cards or board games (I get super competitive then), reading (although I don't get to that very often), painting, baking pies, and getting away a couple times a year to the beach.

This year at Heritage I get the extreme pleasure of partnering with our exceptional students and parents as we continue the journey to help our students become even better mathematicians and problem solvers, encouraging them along the way to fulfill their Legacy. 

Tutoring is offered by myself on Mondays and Wednesdays after school until 4 pm and also Tuesdays and Thursdays at second lunch.  There is also tutoring available in the Library before school on Mondays and Fridays and through the Prestige Program after school.  You can contact me via email at

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