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Essential Items to Bring to Marching Band Rehearsal 
‚Äč  - anything you bring, make sure you label


3 Ring Binder, Pencil, Sheet Protectors, and Backpack
You should already have this, but in case you don't, you will want to put your music in a 3-ring binder. Many students will even put their music in sheet protectors so that they don't rip out of the binder. Obviously, you will want to make sure you have a pencil as well. In your binder, we run a rope through the rings and up so that you can wear the binder around your neck, and it will rest by your hips. This way, you will have your music with you while you are on the field. Many students bring a backpack (sling style) to carry their music, sunscreen, and other supplies to each rehearsal.


You are going to be outside for large amounts of time. The higher the SPF, the better; otherwise, you will end up with some Funky Tan Lines (even people that say, "I tan, I don't burn" need to wear sunscreen. You will want someone to help you get your back area too.


Water Jug
You will want a water jug, not just a standard water bottle. The best scenario is having an insulated jug like the one pictured.  The insulation helps to keep water from getting hot from being outside.


Athletic Shoes
You can't wear anything other than athletic shoes during rehearsals (with socks). Scientifically speaking, your feet will swell after a rehearsal block. To give them relief, you SHOULD wear sandals during meals and free time. You may want to bring an extra set of socks.


We wear hats at band camp to keep the top of our heads cool and protected from the sun. One change this year that I would really like to try is having a specific color for hats for sections.  If you don't have a hat, Walmart sells cheap hats for under $5 in their clothing section.
This will help with visual cleaning from the box.
Brass- Red
Woodwinds - White
Percussion - Camo
Guard - Blue
Drum Majors - Black

Clothing needs to be cool and appropriate for outdoor athletic exercise. Remember, band camp rehearsals will be warm and outside. You will be doing a lot of athletic activity. Please be aware and prepared (it might be colder when we start and then heat up throughout the day). We treat band camp the same as any athletic sport practice in the summer that practices outside. Tank Tops, Sports Bras, Spandex, Shorts, etc. We do ask that during meals, shirts must be worn. 


Information Packet for 8th Graders


2023 - 2024 Calendar 




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